U.S. Hispanic Contractors Association de Austin


Please note, Bid Notices are no longer posted on this page. 
Bids are now exclusively distributed via our BID ALERT$ system to the membership.  If your company is a general contractor or perhaps as an individual you have an opportunity for one of our members, just send us your bid with as much detail to info@ushca-austin.com.  Send it in most any format, unless we have difficulty cutting and pasting, we'll let you know. 
On occasion, files received for bids may be too large to transmit through our BID ALERT$ system, so they may be posted here on this page for more convenient access by the membership.
Our members thank you for the opportunity!




USHCA de Austin is a Texas Based LLC.
USHCA de Austin, 920 E Dean Keeton St, Austin TX 78705